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Catching up.

Never too late for another post

semi-overcast 26 °C

Siem Reap.
At this point I'm a man of few words.
Finally found a wireless dongle to have continuous connection, cheaper than an internet cafe!
And also i can't take myself to stay indoors in front of a computer screen when it's so beautiful outside.

Had a fun time with a 24h fever too, used "Royal-D". Excellent drink.
Apparently good for hang-overs too.

I will update and post photos in a disorganized fashion with details.

Quality is poor as upload speed is minimal, will upload RAW when i get the chance.


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First day

Admittedly this was a lazy day...

sunny 27 °C

Siem Reap, Cambodia
Walking on the road to where we stayed, stalls upon stalls of fresh fruit, meat, iced coffee, and many other assortments stood out.
To be honest my stomach didn't feel up to the challenge of tasting the local food at least, for now.
I am really going to tuck into all of these foods, very soon.

As for the taste, who knows? I'll tell you about it!

I found nice little shop on the corner of the street next to a crossroad, right next to the bench there is the same old coolers they use everywhere, "standard issue" for all the stalls. A box full of ice, beer and a wide selection of drinks. Scruffy dogs included. (no, not to eat)


In all you have everything to make a man happy, a nice bench in the shade and a cooler full of beer....


===The energy drinks are "volatile". They contain around 2000mg/2gr of Taurine!!! Opposed to the standard 126mg in Europe.

A view from the terrace. Big enough for a bar, pool table and a stereo!


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The Belgian has landed!

26 °C

Cambodia, Siem Reap.
8/12/2012 - 11:45pm
Already before landing into Seam Reap Batambong Airport, my only thoughts at the time were " I'm in another country, not freezing my ***s off"
This sounds all cheesy, but now for the soppy part.
It's only when the planes doors opened did i feel the hot, sticky humidity.
This reminded me of Marie Gallante, i was a bit too young to post (also internet wasn't great then :) ) but i remember every detail.

It's only then did my rat-race mentality and stress go away, only to be replaced by hapiness and the impatience to finally see my brother after so long. (Just don't tell him i said so... You're not reading this, Brother)
Then came the first Tuk tuk ride, neat little vehicles with the ability to glide through traffic and dirt roads. Cheap too.

While on the drive towards our destination, i haven't seen so many hotels on one road (Photos soon).

I had one thing in mind, sleep, recover, discover.

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Seoul, South Korea

sunny -7 °C

Seoul, South Korea
08/12/2012 - 05:12pm
Apparently a very good airport, didn't really discover it much, just transit stop, a few minutes.
Will discover on way back.
What time it is? don't know. Weather? Absolutely freezing. Will get photos on way back.

UPDATE (This post refuses to set itself to 8/12/12...)

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-2 °C

Belgium, Ardennes.
First entry - 14:21

The evening i departed was the most welcoming feeling i had, i will miss home but at least i'll enjoy and discover a whole new country.
Forget about "french fries" Belgian beer, the night at the pool tables, work, stress and anxiety...
I'm on my way, Cambodia!


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